I swear I posted this twice already, I see it in the recent posts, and then when I log back in it's gone... anyway, I am trying to figure out how to post a picture on here.

thank you jack

Though he has passed on I will always remember him and all his generosity and advise.........

this is part of his last performance that I was lucky enough to be apart of.......

He gave me art and courage.....

I thank him and i know he is smiling where ever he may be.....

some things.

i have some things i was thinking of giving to you all, but i'm not sure if you have harewood says the studio is getting pretty full.

i have those three display podiums we used in ladyfest; i had been hanging on to them for my own shows, but i don't think i'll be planning as many as i thought, and you guys could put them to use, definitely in sideshow 5 and maybe once in a while to display in the garden.

dayton doc

hey all, please help ms kambitsch make this great--
several of you surely have a lot to say and share, and could maybe also further this onto the Courteous Mass Folks, Grow With Your Neighbours, and so on.

i think kate's endless striving to make the city more bicycle friendly could use some coverage, too-- and maybe just maybe it being included in this sort of thing will make the rest o the city officials agree with her on bike lanes and maybe a City Bike initiative.

here's patricia's letter to me--


It's been a productive week for the ExtraTerrestrial Circus Experiment - We've been working in two different states! Adam (the leader) is working with a production of Barnum - a musical about life in the circus - at Penn State, while Olivia, Matt L and myself returned to Boston to assist with the big Open Air Circus kids' show. Tricia and Bee returned to Arizona, but we'll be meeting up again with them soon.

UN Dignitary visits my Master

a Dignitary from the UN visited with my Master in India recently. This is what he had to say:

“ There are many commonalities between the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and my organization, the United Nations. Both enshrine universal values, values of peace, values of tranquility, values of development, values of fraternity, equality, and dignity of every individual. ”

- Mr Rajiv Chandran, Spokesman for India and Bhutan at the United Nations

I am hosting burritto jam tonight!

Hopefully the rain will hold off so we can be out in the garden! I will see you all there with smiles!

Treasure Sale This Saturday at c}space

This saturday and sunday (18th and 19th) there will be a community garage sale at c}space. We still have spaces left if you wish to vend/sell your stuff. there is a small vending fee of $5 per day which goes to c}space and ladyfest split. The sale will be from 12-5 both days.

There will be LOTS of stuff. Books, records, art supplies, household stuff, clothes, art, etc. So clean out your closets and come sell some stuff! (or even better, buy some stuff! ;-) )

if you are interested in selling shoot mary kathyrn an email at

a little something on things

If everything weren’t piling up all around us we would have nothing to kick out of the way.
I think as frustratingly as not having my own computer or camera its still just another bump to try and remove from the course or find a way around it.

So I have been rebuilding and starting all over again. As it is part of life and in many ways, a blessed experience to recreate what you are doing with yourself.

10 reasons why I LOVE the Garden Station barrel planters on Wayne.

1. They were my idea. :)
2. They were created by volunteers who dont get paid for the work they do which is of much benefit to this city. These are the people that make Dayton awesome.
3. They demonstrate how an existing item can be creatively re-used and re-purposed.
4. Flowers grow in them and I really like flowers.
5. They are a testament to how a group that has lots of heart but not much money can turn a bunch of donated components into something that`s better than ugly dirty nothing.
To emphasize this here`s a list:

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