is coming up-- is everyone still on board with helping make sure GS has plenty of shade and water?

and invite everyoneeveryone!

see you soon!

Ladyfest Benefit at Jimmie's Cornerstone this Thursday

Just wanted to let you folks know that we are having our first benefit to raise money for Ladyfest this thursday at Jimmies, which is on Brown Street. The line up is The Happy Planets, He laughs, he learns, he loves, and Trunkbound Regime.

I hope to see you out! :-)

$5, 18+


hopefully mom and i will be by between tuesday and friday to do more mural work, and we apologize for our slowness on our projects-- it should only take us two more sessions to finish, however-- the weather has been dicey, i was out of town a bit, and my sister had a stroke, so the bremans haven't had a lot of paint time.

New scene

I am new to the scene or in my case the unseen...I would just like to communicate with other artists. There really is so much creativity in the area-that makes me happy.

UPDATE: The EASEL@GardenStation has a new piece:

TITLED: "Baby Moon" (over turquoise mtn's) - presented 2U on the evening of June 18, 2009.

Richard Duerr Lober' (LowBow)

In early September 2008, THE EASEL@GardenStation was utilized briefly as an outdoor movie screen to great success by Lily, Matt, others in attendance.

A number of canvass's have been created & displayed upon THE EASEL@GardenStation. They are:

"Everyday a Blank Canvass" (September '08),

"GardenStation '08" (October) a view of GardenStation,

"Senators from Illinois" (November '08) rendering of Lincoln & Obama,

random question

i don't suppose anyone knows anyone who has a b/w or color copier (something that can make lots of copies, an office copier) that needs a new home? if anyone ever hears of one, free or cheap by some strange chance, please let me know. i found some on craigslist but they're all more than $1K.

All aboard the FAILboat (kinda)

Well, to all of those who doubted me... um, you know me better than I know myself.


can you all update me on the efforts to cross connect the creative groups in town?

i may have a great programmer willing to build me a site, that i will help design, for everyone to be on, with a group calendar, an area for personal profiles and an area for organization profiles, and so on. do you all think that'd be utilized?

photos from sideshow

here's a link to my online album. let me know if it doesn't work:


i haven't been to a meeting in ages, and checked the calendar for june, and they haven't been posted yet. will they still be at cspace, or will they be at communal studio, or garden station? is there still a format of one meeting being for socializing and one for business/planning?
if i come, i have to get someone to cover part of a workshift, so i want to make sure i choose the right day!
are most ideas just talked over at the burrito jams, or online?
what sorts of things are up for vote/consensus?

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