first-- THANK YOU. garden station was a wonderful space for this, and i'm so glad most of the DDN photos showed the garden off so nicely!

second-- there's been such a nice response, it looks like we should rrfm more often, and the best rrfms in the country have set time/dates (so much so that at many people just come set up even if the sign isn't up yet) so i was wondering if i could change dayton rrfm info to say it will be at garden station the second sunday of may, july, and september. would garden station be okay with that?

Art Show at Vex this Thursday.

I just wanted to let everyone know that there will be an art show at club VEX this thursday. It is a benefit for Planned Parenthood's PUSH committe. This group is raising money to bring a sexual health educator back to dayton, because there is currently no one doing this position due to the lack of funds.

If you have art that is gypsy themed or similar in nature you are welcome to show it. We only ask that if you sell a piece you donate ten percent to PUSH for this cause.

Free Skool

This isn't any type of official call for submissions or anything, but Jenn and I are still all about putting together a free skool.

If you have a skill and enough expertise to teach a whole class on it, please feel more than welcome to get in contact with us and offer your services.
The more volunteers to teach the sooner we can start getting this planned and make it happen.

My First Sideshow

This Sideshow was my first EVER. I was not able to get my piece together in time, but, there is always next year. I still had an amazing time and was glad to be able to help Maggie with some miscellaneous behind the scene things. I also got to meet and talk with the performers personally and that was great. There were many incredible artistic pieces and I appreciate everyone who was involved. Events like this help me be much less homesick and encourage me to continue to make the best of every situation and push to beautify my surroundings, no matter where I am. Thank you to everyone.

Guest speaker Accidental Creative on May 19

Feeling creatively burned out?

One of the biggest struggles in a creative industry is STAYING creative. After pouring hours of hard work into projects, it’s easy for your creative well to run dry.

Luckily, Todd Henry of Accidental Creative is coming to help us with that problem. "Create or Die: Thriving in the Create-On-Demand World" is a presentation that will cover the phases of creative growth, the basic daily disciplines of healthy creatives and some "assassins" of personal and organizational creativity.

Sideshow Awesome

The public drum jam on the corner last night was among the coolest things I've witnessed/participated in here in Dayton. People of different races, backgrounds, old and young, all coming together to create music, dance, laugh, and enjoy. That would have been awesome in any city, anywhere in the world. Adam and Christine did a very cool job setting that up! A special highlight was a little kid, he couldn't have been more than three or four, keeping the beat for like twenty minutes. The drum was almost as tall as him!

36th Annual World A'Fair!

...anybody going this weekend? If you see me, please introduce yourself! I'll be there performing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Egyptian Breeze. :)

See for more info

Ladyfest/c{space and me

I just wanted to introduce myself to those who may not already know me. I am Jen Money, one of the point contacts for Ladyfest Dayton and temporarily the volunteer coordinator for c{space (we are looking for a new one since I will be moving to Chicago in September). I am also a local artist as well, and work at Artemis Center as an americorps member until the end of august. I already know many of you from ladyfest, sideshow and c{space and appreciate all of the help you have given the various initiatives as well as the hard work you put into the circus.

email inbox: 0

Holy crap, I just answered all the mail in my e-mail inbox for the second day running. It's a weird feeling... I'm so used to having at least 10 or 20 unread messages at the end of the day. I read all my online comics, browsed Digg, caught up on my favorite blogs, updated the Circus website... there's nothing left to do on the internet! WTF!!!1!

Thank God I got rid of StumbleUpon, that thing is like internet crack.

Well, I guess there really is nothing left to do after I post this blog entry. Um, sleep? read a book? meditate? play a song? who knows what kind of adventures lie ahead!

DCS Presents: Captured An Artists Perspective

Dayton Creative Syndicate is celebrating our first birthday by having a kick-ass gallery showing of YOUR photographs!

DCS wants to show off y best photography. Send us your photographs for our DCS gallery show—Captured: An Artists Perspective.
Entries are due no later than May 12 (more info below)

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