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sorry i've dropped off the face of the earth

it's not that i don't like you,
it's just that the sh*$ is hitting the fan at work and i finally am up against a crazy deadline.
need to make sure 5 25-page grant apps are finished by monday!
miss you all.

Temporary Museum of Permanent Change

Thought you all would appreciate:

just got back from Detroit...

...and wanted to share my appreciation for our fair city.

WSU Radio Show

Is anyone recording this???? I'm listening right now, and you two are so eloquent, I hope someone will have a copy that we can edit down to just the talking (and maybe snippets of songs). I think we should give a copy to everyone that we meet with. It really explains what we're about better than any brochure could.

Bike Activists Needed!

If anyone is a serious bicycle enthusiast and wants to be part of a governmental steering committee for a half-a-million dollar regional bikeway study, message me for more info.
The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Five Rivers MetroParks, Miami Conservancy District, and Miami County Park District have hired a consultant to plan how local (city) trails & routes can better connect with the regional paths. The consultant is Alta Planning, who have done the plans for bike-friendly cities such as Portland and San Francisco.

HELP! Question for market analysis

What existing places do you see as gathering spaces for Dayton's creative scene?

My argument is that Dayton's creative scene perseveres despite a lack of “third places” which are “neither home nor work—the first two places—but venues like coffee shops, bookstores and café’s” that comprise “the heart of the community’s social vitality where people hang out simply for the pleasures of good company and lively conversation.” (Richard Florida)

My thoughts:

Pacchia Cafe (coffee shop only)

Grants through CultureWorks

The area's largest grantmaker in the arts is CultureWorks, the united art fund. Read more here:

Notes from K12 meeting

Heather, Laurana, and I just came from a very productive early-morning meeting with Jerri Stanard, the Executive Director of K12 Gallery for Young People. A few notes:
· K12 might be able to be our fiscal sponsor in for the interim period before our incorporation documents are processed. I think she may have to check it over with her board. (!!!)
· CityWide Development (http://www.citywidedev.com) has small start-up grants (maybe $2K or so)
· CultureWorks has Special Projects grants of up to $10K…she thinks we could maybe get $10K for next year’s Sideshow

The Circus buzz on Dayton.MostMetro.Com

Generation Dayton + The Circus = Dayton's Future
There is a buzz in the air of this town these days that is growing. But it isn't the buzz we are used to hearing - it is the kind of buzz that is much more likely to make an impact on the future success of Dayton than the typical buzz you are used to hearing.

Must tolerate eccentric aging hippies

Just wanted to say that anyone that knows me through the Circus is welcome at Ilya's weekly Sunday night potluck in Yellow Springs. Call or e-mail for info.

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