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The Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP) is a local independent effort to bring free and sustainable resources to its neighborhood and to the city of St. Louis. Through the means of art, media, open forums, open doors, event space and collaborative projects, CAMP will provide a new center for creative interaction, welcoming people of all ways of life. Thriving inside of the historic Randall Building at the corner of Cherokee Street and Minnesota Avenue, CAMP considers its location in crucial juxtaposition with its mission.


Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive public environment for the exploration of art, education, performance and community building. Through cooperative relationships and multidisciplinary programs, CELLspace encourages the celebration of intergenerational, cross-cultural collaborations and the promotion of social justice.

CELLspace Today


i'm going to post a few things, from other ventures that seem in some ways similar to what the group had said it would want in a space or group, so they can be read through for ideas, ideas on anything from programming, language use, planning, structure, and so on.

About Flywheel

Flywheel is a non-profit, volunteer-run community arts space open to all, offering:

* Live music
* Art exhibits
* Film & video screenings
* Poetry & spoken word
* Theater & performance art
* A zine library
* A café
* Space for meetings & discussion groups


what is scheduled to be the last free market of the year is this sunday, from 3-7pm @ garden station, corner of fourth and wayne in downtown dayton.

come out an share what you have to share! we would especially be thrilled if a lot of folk broke out their musical abilities for sharing! so, if you play anything or just love to sing, please come do so...and of course, if you want to teach a workshop, offer up free massages, haircuts, bring some games to play, clothes to give away, potluck dishes to share, mixtapes to pass along...items, skills, services, whatever you want to do.

spore mobile gallery.

i got to meet ms emily my last time in stl. i saw christine's post about a trailer and remembered i wanted to tell you guys about how emily took her community's show on the road.

some things.

i have some things i was thinking of giving to you all, but i'm not sure if you have harewood says the studio is getting pretty full.

i have those three display podiums we used in ladyfest; i had been hanging on to them for my own shows, but i don't think i'll be planning as many as i thought, and you guys could put them to use, definitely in sideshow 5 and maybe once in a while to display in the garden.

dayton doc

hey all, please help ms kambitsch make this great--
several of you surely have a lot to say and share, and could maybe also further this onto the Courteous Mass Folks, Grow With Your Neighbours, and so on.

i think kate's endless striving to make the city more bicycle friendly could use some coverage, too-- and maybe just maybe it being included in this sort of thing will make the rest o the city officials agree with her on bike lanes and maybe a City Bike initiative.

here's patricia's letter to me--


is coming up-- is everyone still on board with helping make sure GS has plenty of shade and water?

and invite everyoneeveryone!

see you soon!


hopefully mom and i will be by between tuesday and friday to do more mural work, and we apologize for our slowness on our projects-- it should only take us two more sessions to finish, however-- the weather has been dicey, i was out of town a bit, and my sister had a stroke, so the bremans haven't had a lot of paint time.


can you all update me on the efforts to cross connect the creative groups in town?

i may have a great programmer willing to build me a site, that i will help design, for everyone to be on, with a group calendar, an area for personal profiles and an area for organization profiles, and so on. do you all think that'd be utilized?

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