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thank you jack

Though he has passed on I will always remember him and all his generosity and advise.........

this is part of his last performance that I was lucky enough to be apart of.......

He gave me art and courage.....

I thank him and i know he is smiling where ever he may be.....

a little something on things

If everything weren’t piling up all around us we would have nothing to kick out of the way.
I think as frustratingly as not having my own computer or camera its still just another bump to try and remove from the course or find a way around it.

So I have been rebuilding and starting all over again. As it is part of life and in many ways, a blessed experience to recreate what you are doing with yourself.

my thoughts on the current issues

I been with the circus and the sideshow since it started.....
I remember me, laurana, and Mike Officer being there just about everyday working......... trying to trust in laurana's vision and man I am glad I did.... to me allot of the issues with attendence and trust and things like that are more a question....
do I trust the other members... well yes I do but the may not have the same opinion as I do..... so here is what I think....
What is the real issue..... attendance not quarum.... people don't want to come out anymore we have in many ways lost site of what our goals are...........

Discuss Economics Relating to art & Potluck BYOB

Sunday august 3rd 5PM-Till we dont want to talk @ 1000 E second #3090 @ Kidtee Hello Studio

Come over and enjoy a discussion about the Economic system and how it does or doesn't work for artists or those in a creative field....

Lets talk about ways we could market artwork & Ideas
Who should we market what to?
How can an artist in dayton make a living?
How can we make it work for us?

yadda yadda lets hang out and talk about ways to flourish as individuals and artists......


Anyone wanting to show work let me know 219-707-1643 Kidtee
also anyone have anything they like to bring to the found art workshop bring it create with us and have an awesome time!!!! Feel free to bring beverage and snacks!

AUGUST 30th @ 1001 E 2nd st The C2 Gallery & The Hallway

A Circus Benefit for Garden Station on 4th & Wayne

Show starts @ 7pm Music start @7:30pm

DJ Justice
Mike Justice
Tiffany Clark
Mike Officer
J Missall
Kidtee Hello
Katie Anible
Andy DeDominici
Heather Reid
Maggie Ottoson
Tom Watson
& More

Music by



Thursday at 5pm-7pm

Let us plan and discuss to make this a wonderful show!!!

I need help many things from performance to artists.... and possible speakers I would like us to have someone to have a table about recycling, one where people are making art out of things we usually throw away...
so on so forth Idea feel free to let me know!!!

I also am thinking this would be a great way to fundraise for the garden ay?

and I need to find out who to call to book town Square:)

We will be meeting at me studio Building 1001 #3085

earth day

So I been talking about us doing a preformance involving music dance and preformance and I think I finally have a relevent Idea of what I am thinking...... Here is what I sent in an e-mail of my basic Idea

yo Sledding

whos in oh yeah!!!!!

lets go sledding


Upcomming artshows at Stone soup

I just want to think everyone for showing there work, comming out and supporting the show, playing music and having a great time......

also any things that need changed for next time?
I know about there not being food that will be fixed
Layout needs help it become crowded way to fast

Jan 13th Sunday Benifit for Hospice 4pm -10pm
Artwork should be possitive and Uplifting in nature
Music the same or instrumental"Liz interested in playing?"
I would love it if anyone has a story about hospice or if you know anyone that does that would be great!
This time there will be food:)

ArtShow attendies and Circus members!!!

So tommarow I am wondering if anyone who is comming can bring any cicus information for Display?

Also anyone who is going to be having an upcomming show or event PLEASE Flyer it at and durring the show.....

Liz I didn't get to com to your presentation however I was wonering if you had any information you wanted to be displayed or passed out?

Please feel free to spread whatever your doing about this show.... I want these shows to also be about informing everyone about what we are doing and all the differant things we are involved with....

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