Sideshow 9!!

Who's Your Muse?

Fri. May 9th, 2014: 5pm - 1AM
Sat. May 10th, 2014: 4pm - 1AM
700 E. 4th St
Dayton Ohio, 45402

The Ninth edition of the Dayton Circus Sideshow is underway! Come down for art, music, food, beer, wine, and good times!!

Featured Beverages:
Warped Wing (Dayton OH) Flyin' Rye IPA
Toxic Brew (Dayton OH) 5th St. Wheat
Yellow Springs Brewery (Yellow Springs OH) Springer American Cream Ale
Yuengling Lager
Barefoot Pinot Grigiot
Barefoot Merlot
Barefoot Pink Moscato

Featured Food Trucks:
Voodoo Taco
Alien Infusions

Moved Forums

Cleaned up the forums. Hope this makes them easier to navigate... all old/mothballed/defunct discussions and posts are in the Archives section.



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