The feedback I've been consistently receiving as of late has been that I need to be more transparent. To that end, let me bring you, dear reader, up to date on a couple of things I've been doing that are circus related.

Raks Mystique is gonna be awesome! If you'd like to be involved with the process of producing the night, please join our google group.

The PA is being rented to people who rent out c{space. I know this didn't get a lot of discussion, and I apologize for that. It made sense to me and we haven't had quorum in three months so I just went ahead and did it. As part of that deal, c{space events get to use it for free. I'm manning the PA at all times, so far. We've made $50 already this month, which has been deposited in the bank. Mark, I'll get you receipts. We'll be making quite a bit more in the coming months, like we have a $75 gig this weekend. I'll bring a copy of the rates I came up with to the meeting. Jeff, I apologize to you specifically, as you're a lead on the PA project - I wasn't trying to exclude you on purpose, but I should have included you on purpose.

I've hired Lily and Lisa to help clean up my studio at Front St. This is something I'm doing out of my own pocket, not out of Circus money. If we stay there, we can use it again for meetings and as a communal studio again. If we get a bigger space like the 4th floor at 20 N Jefferson or one of the larger Front St studios, this will make moving so much easier.

Burrito Jams have been getting donations. This money has been going towards more burrito supplies, and also to supplement Lisa's income - she always does waaaay more work than anyone else on this, and still feels uncomfortable with the $5-10 stipend she sometimes gets. Anything after that goes into Circus petty cash, which I haven't spent on anything other than burrito materials. Mark - do we need to start getting receipts for burrito stuff? Petty cash is at $14. Whenever petty cash goes above $25 I put it in the bank.

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