Raks Update

Well, the meeting went OK. We're on for Raks Mystique, but we'll need a couple more volunteers... more on that later

From Anne R:

Hi everyone,

We survived our meeting with the City, and it looks like we will be given a temporary permit that will run only through May 15. We have to type up a list of safety/fire hazard improvements and precautions that we will make to comply with what the Fire Inspector thought would be appropriate. We must submit this plan in writing with a copy of the floor plan to the City by noon tomorrow. They will review and approve it. We will make all the necessary adjustments to the space, and the fire department will inspect in on Friday. We will then be given our temporary occupancy permit and permission to use for assembly purposes with a maximum occupancy of 260.

Then, we will pursue our permanent change to an A2/A3 mixed use space. More on that later as we work out the details of that.

So, we've bought a little time, but not much, and we have to be in strict compliance with the safety plan. Alcohol may continue to be served and consumed in the space.

That's the scoop!

Anne :-)

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