All aboard the FAILboat (kinda)

Well, to all of those who doubted me... um, you know me better than I know myself.

I did manage to get the Circus side of the studio cleared out of my stuff, but the other side's a wreck. It'll just have to stay that way for now. If anyone wants to use the kitchen, be my guest... please clear out the fridge, there's still some good food in it. And if anyone thinks they're up to the task of organizing things on that side (to free up more space for studio work for the summer), be my guest... please treat my stuff with respect, but beyond that, have at it. I got the process started, but it's kinda sorry. I guess that's just who I am this week. The sewing machines are great, you have to hook the one sewing machine up to the computer and boot into windows to use the embroidery feature. Read the manual and books first, there's lots of good stuff in there!

I'll be in touch here and there, and in and out of town in June, but might not see many of you for several months. Hope all is well and continues to be so!

Jeff - the key to c{space is yours with Anne's blessing. It opens the back door and the door to the PA room. Your amp is at the studio.

Kidtee - good luck with the space! I bet you can make it happen. Feel free to use my lenses, you'll have to find them though!!! I'll stay in touch.

Lisa - bottle cutter's on the shelf. Great job with the garden! please use as many bottles as you like.

Lily - You're doing a great job with the garden too! Wow! It looks and feels amazing. A dream come true!

Mark - The computer's pretty stable. If anything goes wrong, turn it off and back on again!

Heather & Maggie - You go girl!

David K- Gem City Jam poster is at the Studio.

Rich - Zine paper and materials are strewn all over the place. I'll try to get with you when I get back from India.

Viva la Circus!

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