things we need for the space

if you have any of the bellow please let us know or you can call me kidtee directly
also if you can donate you time to sew, clean, paint, or help do inventory on monday 3-8:30, tuesdays3-8:30, thursdays9-5, or on saturday from 12-5

in no specific order we need

two boxes lockable for donation one for inside the space and one for directly outside the space the need to be mountable, pad lockable, and a plaqce to stick money in

A safe of sorts for money paper work and gift cards

container small to medium we don't need any large ones they need to fit on shelves

LARGE hinges to attach the doors so we can open and close them together

white paint

brite color paint

nuts and bolts small and medium for attach fabric to shelves

people that can sew


staple gun and staples

paint brushes and rollers



hooks to attach to peg board(you know stuff with holes) to hang tools

any various art suplies crayons markers pencils pens ink charcoal,

ink for printers


my other ladder I brought two to the side show I now only have one

so if you have any of the above let me know this is what we neeeeeed some things are to supply this space with things usable to artists most of it is what we need to make this space usable...

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