a little something on things

If everything weren’t piling up all around us we would have nothing to kick out of the way.
I think as frustratingly as not having my own computer or camera its still just another bump to try and remove from the course or find a way around it.

So I have been rebuilding and starting all over again. As it is part of life and in many ways, a blessed experience to recreate what you are doing with yourself.
I am finding new ways, new tools, new ideas, or rebuilding upon old ones. I keep saying I am going to just stop shooting for a while and I have found that impossible. Photography is like a really addictive drug, some have cigarettes I have a camera.
I salivate at the thought of a new camera or lights and all of the different lenses. I saw a taste of what I can do with better equipment.
I realize now more than ever that I know what I am doing, that it has always been equipment. I sometimes doubted my abilities as a Photographer never as an artist. My regular equipment is now gone as well as history book of my work seized by people that I will only have that connection too threw my acquired possessions. There where people that called some of my more recent work the best yet but I believe the best is still to come. That I have grown tremendously in having to struggle with equipment and not having what I need as an artist and most of my work reflects that struggle. I also plan to represent the essence of happiness as well, and everything in between.

If anyone knows of way to get grant money let me know, I am in desperate need of it.

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