General update on projects I'm involved with

Zine - looking for a new place to house the printer/computer/scanner. c{space was seen as temporary to begin with, and it's looking like it needs to be more temporary than first anticipated. The deadline for getting it out of c{space is Feb 17th. If nothing comes up I'm just going to rent storage space, but I'd rather only move the Printer on more time... it's a bit of a chore!

Front St - I've been under more strain than normal recently, and decided to take an extra month at Front St, just for myself (I'm paying for it) in order to add time to go through everything and decide what's coming with me to the new house. I'll have an "everything must go" Really Really Free Market-type party at the end of the month where people can grab useful things and take them home.

Hope - That blasted wall needs to come down! Anyone up for some demolition?!? Perhaps if we can get this done in time, the printer/computer/scanner could go there.

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