Found Artshow

So I was unable to make it to the last meeting I have been Swamped with work and all sorts of things that make me smile everyday.
Actually I am unable to make it meeting from now on due to having shoots booked just about every Weekend.

Here is what I need to make this years found art happen

Say 30 For Flyers ( Or If I can E-mail the flyer to someone who is willing to print them at the space then we can do that)

and I need 75 for sound.... We are using C{Space house sound since there are full bands playing.

So Total $105 C{Space is Handling Bar and not charging me a rental Fee

If you guys want food there bring something Via Pot Luck Style

Here are the bands that are playing

Current Line Up for Music is
Rabbit Friends( very Simon and Garfunkle)

Outright Liar

Thee Pistol Whips

The Northwest Ordinance

Wetnight(its us you know us)

Jonathan Missall(Dubstep)

Etches brother is doing sound I need to confirm with him but I want to be sure I have everything confirmed on this end.........

I have artists coming to Hang from 12-5pm the day of the show if you or anyone you know wants to hang come then...... lisa if you want to set up a garden Display let me know......

Jeff let me know if you have any plans for an Elaborate Donation Box.:P

I am uploading web version of the flyer here
Please Help Promote this event as much a possible what we bring in depends on attendance:D

I have about 2-3 people doing more Elaborate installation pieces so you don't want to miss it.

Also MANNIE I need you to help me bring down the Can lights and some Extension Cords.... If you can that is since you have the keys:D

So I can I get a proxy Vote for 105 or if someone is willing to print flyers at the studio 75......

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