THE EASEL@GardenStation ~ 2011

03/07/2011 - 13:11

As THE EASEL is nearing its forth warm seasons at Garden Station I am happy to report that it did survive its third winter quite well thank you. Still I feel the structure is due: (1) a paint-job (2) a minor wood overhaul (3) a slight modernization. ~ 1. the color I have selected is called: "International Orange" and is known by most of our citizens as the color of the "Golden Gate Bridge" in San Francisco CA. ~ 2. some of the wood panels are in need of replacement and a new stain veneer the color of which will be determined after the aforementioned paint job. ~ 3. a modernization suggested by our best friend Ed J., which will focus on the way Art is taken off & on from THE EASEL, and afford more ease of operation in that regard.

As an aside to the above, a few of the public art pieces I plan for 2011 have been submitted to David & Lisa as of this writing; and (1) will be installed immediately after the above updates have been completed.

I also plan to dis-mantel some of the older EASEL pieces but preserve the frames.

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