Even Hitler hates Google for sending Cyanogen a C&D...

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Yet another hilarious "Hitler gets angry" video, in the tradition of Who's Going to Burning Man and Michael Jackson is Dead (um, apologies to people who take the issue of Hitler seriously).

OK a little background for those not familiar... Google made a linux phone, supposedly "open" to the developer community. A guy by the name of Cyanogen has been making custom ROMs that pwn the original "android" linux and let people do whatever they want with them, a la "jailbreaking" an iPhone. Until now, it's been tolerated and embraced by those in the know. Unfortunately, this breaks some (very stupid) laws like the DMCA, so Google's lawyers sent the guy a Cease & Desist order, and as of now his website is down. Open Source is crying. More details here.

And I'm up to my waist in my own LOLs.

Angry Hitler always cheers me up. Screw him. Imagine what would happen if he found out he's on YouTube...

Why is the Rum Gone?

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Jack Sparrow, Telletubbies, Pikachu, and The Terminator. Pirate Techno Remix.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! What News Anchors do during the commercials

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This is the funniest thing I've seen all month. You will LOL or there's something wrong in your brain. Even if there's something wrong in your brain, you'll appreciate all the hard work and dedication this kind of hilarity takes.

It's a zombified world...

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Louis Armstrong... out for brains? Machinima at it's most awesome.

The Equation

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MENNONITE MARY in The Wise and Foolish Virgins

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Jack has passed on but not his memory....... We all loved Jack!!!!

Vollis Simpson's Whirligigs

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saw some of this guy's stuff at the visionary art museum in baltimore.
THIS is what i would love to see at the garden! but very colorful and with lots of different sounds too!

Did you miss me on Arttalk?

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I suck at embedding stuff on here. What am I doing wrong?

Evolution of robots

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Frikkin' awesome. I love the Germans for this. Still havin' troubles with the Youtube embed thingy. can't find a combination of code that works, even tried a couple variations on your suggestion, Jeffers. Anyways, this rocks.

Powerful Spoken Word

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"Letter From God to Man" by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Scroobius Pip is an excellent spoken word poet from Britain. Lately, he's been teaming up with producers and djs to produce some pretty badass hip hop. I've been addicted to British hip hop for a while because it tends to be more down to Earth and the scope of topics hits a much broader range than just friggin "bitches and bling"
Dan le Sac is a producer/dj (also from Britain).
The song in the background is a le Sac remix of a Radiohead song (I believe it's called "Planet Telex"). There's nothing wrong with the audio here - it's choppy on purpose. While I think the song would have been more powerful if left alone, I guess old Dan felt he had to leave his mark on it by making it more... uh... interesting.
Whatever - this thing kicks ass anyway.

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