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Paper ballots!!!

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You don't have to watch this whole thing - I posted it here in case you wanted evidence of the dangers we face.

Quick description:

This man is testifying that he wrote a program under employment from Tom Feeney (Jeb Bush's Republican buddy who was then Speaker of the House of Florida) that could easily alter electonic poll results to 51% / 49% for whichever candidate they wanted. In other words, he wrote code to rig an election.

His testimony states that there are only two ways to detect this kind of fraud:

1)View source code -- sorry, Diebold won't allow anyone to view their source code
2)Have a paper receipt which is counted and compared to the electronic results -- is not done at all

He further testifies that, given the difference between Ohio's exit polls and the "Official" election results, he is convinced that the 2004 presidential election was stolen by the Bush Administration (through highjacking Ohio).

My modest proposal...
We need to figure out how to demand that Ohio return to paper voting and traditional counting. The biggest argument I predict we would face is that "well it's expensive to have all the people there counting". Horseshit! It has always been done by volunteers.
1) We need to find out who is in charge of this -- I suspect the Ohio Secretary of State (which in 2004 was that corrupt sonuvabitch Blackwell) We would have to organize letter writing and actual on-site protests to even get them to talk to us.
2) We would need to organize volunteers to cover the increased staffing needs to count paper ballots. This would be easy, I think - organize vans to hit the retirement communities and we're done.

This is a huge battle. What I want to know is... any of you think it's important enough and willing to pitch in? Or am I being paranoid?


Into the Arms of Strangers webisode

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An old friend of mine has been working the indie theater and film scene in L.A. for several years now. The bulk of his time goes to shows in a playhouse called the Attic as well into a dinner theater group. This feed is for an indie film he costarred/supporting starred in. The director decided to post it as a webisode on YouTube and Myspace to get more viewing. I'm only posting the first episode. There are about 11 posted so far, I think. Check it out! Each episode is only about 4 minutes long so you don't have to invest a lot of time. For the record, my friend plays "Alex," the blue-eyed, semi-bald guy with the sneaky look about him ... He's always had a knack for suspcious and dark characters.

Van Gogh

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ok, you'll notice this is similar to the Women in Art, but I love Van Gogh, so I had to post it, too. plus, I like the music.

Women in Art

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hmm, well, i tried to embed the video feed but it appears that it was too long. here's the link for the Women in Art clip.

it's worth watching.

Simple World - trailer

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I don't think many people saw this at the sideshow, so I'm posting it here if anyone's intrested. It's a trailer for the film I've been working on endlessly.

Derren Brown & Simon Pegg

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Derren Brown is a British TV magician who specializes in Neuro Linguistic Programming. The guy is flat-out amazing. Check this one out where he convinces Simon Pegg (the guy from Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead) what he wants for his birthday.

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